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A Doula For You:

In Sanskrit, the word "Seva" translates to "selfless service" or "service without expectation of reward," and it is a core principle in many Eastern spiritual traditions. It is often used to describe performing service or acts of kindness for others without any expectation of gratitude or recognition.

My role as a doula embodies the principle of Seva, as I can provide tailored care to mothers and families during childbirth simply because it is the right thing to do. I will support you and your family through the birthing process, helping you navigate the healthcare system and make informed decisions about your care, providing physical and emotional support from prenatal through postpartum, and acting as a bridge between you and healthcare providers ensuring that you have the peaceful, undisturbed, and private time you deserve.


My job is also to aid your partner during the process, helping them prepare for this new phase of their lives and providing security and care for the family, who will be supported during all stages, allowing you to focus on yourself and your new baby and assuring a healthy and speedy recovery.

Overall, having a doula can help you and your family feel more informed, empowered, and supported throughout the birthing process, which can lead to better outcomes for you and your baby.

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